26 October 2011


I just learned about something new: Aebelskivers. You've known about these for years? Well, I didn't. And if it wasn't for Christopher, I still wouldn't. His theory is that they're a part of either some kind of sinister Danish plot for world domination, or else an equally sinister small-arms manufacturing scheme. I don't know about either of that. I think they're likely a part of some perfectly innocent pan-European plot for world domination.

Now, I've never tasted one of these things, but looking at the recipe, Aebelskivers appear to be a direct relative of Pfitzauf, Popovers, Yorkshire Pudding, Soufflé, Pancakes, Pfannkuchen, Blini, or Waffles, the main difference between all of these cake-like goodies being the language in which you yell at your children to get out from underfoot when you're making them, and possibly the pan or mould they're made in. Aebelskivers, Wikipedia informs me, are made in something resembling a cross between a muffin tin and a frying pan. I think I've seen things like that in thrift shops, and always assumed they were meant for poaching eggs. I know better now. Ah, the power of education.

Doing this deep and meaningful research on delectably fried flour-milk-egg concoctions has had the unfortunate side effect of making me want some. Good thing there isn't an Aebelskiver bakery right next to my house, or I'd go buy some right now. But then, if there was, I would have long known about them, and would not have had to go look them up on the Internet when I read about them on Christopher's blog, and would have been spared the craving which ensued, so therefore would not have gone and bought some from the entirely hypothetical bakery, after all. Which just goes to show. (I'm not sure what, but I'm sure it goes to show something).

Life, the Universe, and Danish Pancake-Like Thingies Which Sound Seriously Delicious. If you've got a pan to make them in, send some my way, would you?


  1. I just want the pan! I have a bit of a thing for cast iron pans. Although I certainly wouldn't say no to a serving of these...especially with some currant jelly on the side. Now you've gone and made me hungry, I wonder if I can convince anyone here to make us some crepes instead. :-(

  2. Now you've done it! I was just thinking I was starting the day off pretty good... I wasn't craving food yet. But NOW I'm thinking some kind of baked goods would suit breakfast well. Muffins maybe... pancakes?

  3. Yes, glad to pass on the cravings. Hehe. I ended up making Pfitzauf for supper last night (they're like popovers, baked in the oven in muffin tins), which I'd never done before. All because of these Aebelskiver things. Yum.