24 February 2012

California Dreamin'

It snowed last night. Again. Grey skies, white ground, grey slushy roads. There was nothing else for it, I had to pop the Mamas And The Papas album into the car CD player and listen to "California Dreamin'" all the way to town and back. And I was going to moan, snivel and whine about this weather to you today, but then I realised that the more I think about it, the more depressed it's making me. So I won't.

Just yesterday, I heard a spring bird chirping outside my window. And the snowdrops are still going strong, with the crocus and daffodil shoots making an appearance just a few inches over from them, too. It seems winter and spring are really duking it out this year. Winter is probably trying to make up for its initial reluctance by excessive February tenacity. But, alas, it's a losing battle; winter is doomed. It's just trying to make me feel some of its gloom before it goes. So I'll look at my California pictures and blow a raspberry at winter, because I know the sun will be back eventually.

And then I was thinking about this phrase, "duking it out". Aren't there some kind of rules for boxing matches that were first written down by a duke of some sort? Queensberry Rules, I believe. Oh, no, wait, Queensberry was a Marquess. Wrong sort of aristocrat, one level too low for a Duke. But higher up in the ranks than Earl Grey and the Earl of Sandwich, whose inventions were far more useful to humankind than a set of regulations for which part of the body you're allowed to land a blow on.

Life, the Universe, Seasons and Sandwiches. I know which aristocratic inventions are highest on my list. Do you take milk in yours?


  1. No milk with mine thank you. I'm trying to hibernate 'til the snow vanishes but I have to deliver my two paintings to the gallery... do you think, if I wait 'til tomorrow it might be gone? No I didn't think so, I may as well go today.

  2. Okay, I'll keep it in mind. I'm a black tea person, too (or a green tea one, as it were). Ham or egg salad, for the sandwich?
    And yeah, get it over with, then you can hibernate again tomorrow.

  3. Yes, please, and a pinch of cinnamon, too. Thank you.

    It's a gorgeous day in London, thank goodness - it's lifting my spirits.

  4. Cinnamon? Hmm... sounds nice. Hope the day continued as lovely as it started for you!