22 June 2012


When I was younger, I used to wish I could write songs. Music, for so much of my life, has been an expression of who I am, but I've always been dependent on others to express my thoughts for me in that medium.

Part of my problem is that I can't rhyme to save my life. Well, okay, maybe to save my life, if some cannibal had me in the cook pot and said "Rhyme, dammit, or we'll click the barbecue lighter and you're stew!" But at that point, they probably wouldn't ask for anything better than, oh, rhyme and chime, or heart and start (or fart? cart? part? See, I even had to think a minute to come up with those ones. Point proven.).

But then, I was driving in the car the other day, and a song came on the radio that gave me hope. Not because it was such a hopeful subject (although it was that, too), but because the lyrics were such that I could aspire to perhaps, someday, write something like it. It went like this:

"Love, love, love, / love, love, / love, / love, love, love, love...."

No, it didn't say "All you need is..." first. It was just that. "Love, love, love..." A whole song's worth.

I could do that, don't you think? Let me try. Here's a song about one of nature's miracles which never fails to move me:

"Sunset, sunset, sunset, / sunset, sunset..."

Alright, you composers out there, doesn't that inspire you? Come on, boot up your keyboards or midi players or garage bands or whatever you use to create your wondrous melodies, and gimme some tunes!

Somehow, the silence is deafening. No takers. Do you think I need to hone the rhythm of the lines a bit more? Perhaps break it up a bit? But then, that would spoil the simplicity of expression, the purity of feeling. If nobody likes this and wants to write music to go with my lyrics, I must conclude that my art is simply not appreciated. Dagnab it, as my offspring would say. Perhaps I should write a song about that.

"Drat, / drat, drat, drat, drat..."

Life, the Universe, and Song Lyrics. Song, song, / song, song, song...


  1. I'm sure I've heard that :"Drat" one before. Somewhere around here.

  2. Dagnab it. You mean someone beat me to it?

  3. I can think of a few choice words you can use! :) It'd definitely be a song unlike any other.