04 August 2010


One of the things my blogging teacher said was that one way to increase traffic on your blog is to say something controversial. Well, I ain't doing that. But that's just because I'm writing in English; if I was writing in German, it would be a foregone conclusion. There's always another German out there who disagrees with what you're saying, no matter what it is. They'd be out there in now time flat, going "So ein Quatsch!" (Incidentally, I'm allowed to make categorically derogatory statements about Germans, because I is one. If you're not, don't try. We'd jump on you and flatten you in no time; Germans drink in debating skills with their mother's milk- or their Alete Infant Formula, as it were.)

What is Quatsch, you ask? It's a wonderfully expressive word which is pronounced just as it looks. And means about that, too. Note, I'm not talking about Quark, which is a slightly tart soft white cheese, and which I miss so much over here in Canada that I'm willing to fork out $10/kg for the stuff when I can get it ("it" being the ten bucks, or the Quark, either one). Put on toast, with jam on top- aah, cheesecake for breakfast! And it's healthy as all-get-out, too.

And here, just for your delectation, is today's completely random picture. They're a bunch of Pet Rocks, and they've all got names, too. But I can't remember what they all are. The one on the right is Rudolph, I remember that much. And the back left is Rob.

Life, the universe, and Quark. Quite tasty.

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