13 April 2011

It's a Wrap

Well, it's happened. Fuzzy blue blog mould has set in. The gaps between my posts are getting longer and longer (when averaged out statistically over the time period of one month); I've just lost my oomph. My blogging oomph, at least; my general state of oomphiness is actually doing rather well, thank you very much- it might be part of the reason for the lack of blogging oomph that I have other things on my mind these days with less time and inclination to waffle on publicly about not-much-at-all.

So perhaps it's time to call it a wrap. For the time being, let's carefully roll the tortilla around the filling (ham, cheese, mayo, avocado and bell pepper, by preference), and be done. It was an experiment to start with, and one that was quite successful, I might add. I've enjoyed talking to you all, and I think, perhaps, some of you have enjoyed being talked at?

Steve also wants you to know that he has liked being the feature illustration in several of these posts. So here he is, one more time, poised to face the future atop my laptop screen (a split second before he fell off and hit the keyboard. Splat.).

Don't worry, I think we'll be back, Steve and I, with more deep, profound and philosophical (but most likely just plain silly) observations. When we're around again, we'll let you know.

Life, the Universe and Everything. Be seeing you!


  1. Well sorry to see you go from the blog world Ange, but I guess life goes on. I enjoyed your posts! You inspired me toget off my butt and do one!

  2. Thanks! Glad it did some good for someone! :)

  3. Anonymous13/4/11 13:20

    Hi Angelika - I like your writing style, sorry to hear you won't be continuing.

  4. Angelika, I love your blog posts, they are so much fun.... please don't leave... ;(

    I'll still love you if you do :).