31 May 2012


I've been spammed. I guess that makes this blog important now, doesn't it? It was innocuous enough, just somebody fishing for business by leaving a generic and badly punctuated comment that didn't even make sense but had links to their editing services attached. Yup, like I'd be inclined to engage the "Dissertation Writing Services" of someone who produces a sentence like "This posts shows your efforts that how do you cover any topic research."

On the other hand, it did inspire me to look up "Spam", and it's interesting what one can find out. Apparently the word is a portmanteau of "Spiced" and "Ham", and the ingredients in the classic variety (there's classic Spam? Hmm...) are "chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, and sodium nitrite as a preservative". That's actually a remarkable quantity of meat product, considering. Well, I guess it depends on just how much modified potato starch is in there, and how it's been modified. Maybe it's been turned into sheets of potato starch paper (like rice paper), and then made into papier-maché, shaped into spam-sized cubes.

There, doesn't this posts show my efforts that how I do cover any topic research? And I didn't even need the friendly spammer's editing services for it.

And I know that any second now, one of you is going to quote Monty Python at me. Go ahead, bring it on! It's definitely one of their better sketches.

Life, the Universe, and Spam. Research brings out interesting trivia.


  1. Amazing, how you are able to make any conversion a work of art. You have a very interesting mind. ;)

  2. Thanks, I think. ;) (Actually, I do think "interesting" is a great compliment, the chinese curse about "interesting times" notwithstanding.)

  3. I'm getting spammed a lot lately! Roar.

    PS - I love bald eagles, too! Nova Scotia, where I grew up, has a valley where many of them live.

  4. my spamming seems to have tapered off... I'm sure that's because of the zombies. :D

    Ahh, I remember at camp as a kid having fried spam w/eggs for breakfast. LOL! The good ole days. ;p <3