25 August 2012

Beartales the First

Hi. This is Steve. My human's been a bit out of it lately, so I thought I'd help her out and talk to you people for once. You know, she's been in the kind of mood where she plops herself on the couch and pops in that movie, you know the one where they're all mincing around and talking funny, and the men wear tall tubes on their heads, and every once in a while someone goes "Mister Daaaahcy!" There's not one single bear in sight anywhere in that movie, but she seems to like it anyway. And it's five hours long. That kind of thing. You know?

So, we went on that trip a while ago, you know, we went on an airplane, and then I sat on a bedside table in a hotel for a couple of days. Here's me, in the hotel:


I like travelling; it's fun. I tell Horatio all about it when we get home, and he likes listening, but he doesn't want to go anywhere himself. He's a hometiger, I suppose. And then, after I'm done telling him about our trip (sitting in the backpack squished under an airplane seat is loud. And tight. You know?), he tells me about the poetry he's composed while I was gone. He never writes it down, though, which is too bad because it's good poetry. But maybe it's more of a performance art, you know? Writing it down would probably spoil it. I don't know if our human even knows about Horatio's poetry; I should tell her sometime.

Here's me in the backpack on the airplane:


Well, that's all I can think of telling you for today. Maybe I'll come back some time and tell you more; you're nice to talk to, you know?
This is Steve the Bear, signing off for today. Woolly Wishes!


  1. Hi, Steve!!! I've been doing an unreasonable amount of couching and reading and lolling about. School resumes in a week, my woolly friend. Better rest while I can!

  2. Steve the Bear! How are you! Lots of travelling and P&P watching going on. Hope you're having fun~ :D <3

  3. Aw, Steve the Bear! You're so cute, Steve. :)

  4. Steve - I'm loving those strange movies too! Sorry there are no bears in them. Tell your mum that I've just finished reading Emma and have now ordered all the versions of the movie that the library has - not the versions with Gwyneth at all! I'm doing a comparative study. I'll let you know if any of these other versions have bears in them.

  5. Steve asked me to thank you all for your comments. He wanted to reply himself, but google wouldn't allow him an account because he's too young, and once we'd made the mistake of being honest about his age, they wouldn't let us change our minds and lie about it afterwards. Go figure.

  6. Hi, this is Steve. Thanks for reading my message. I like having friends, you know?