10 August 2012

Poetry of Various Descriptions

There's magnetic poetry:

...and gustatory poetry (blueberry, if you must know):

... and horticultural-culinary poetry (the large orange-red flowers are nasturtiums, which tastes like watercress, the small red ones scarlet runner bean blossoms, which taste faintly of beans, the blue flowers borage, the leaves of which taste like cucumber with prickles on them, and the yellow petals calendula, which don't taste like much of anything but look pretty. And the green stuff is lettuce. Dress with vinaigrette, consume.).

Life, the Universe, and Poetry. It takes all kinds.


  1. Lovely! Very....poetic! That salad looks yummy!

  2. Love <3 Especially the magnet poetry. The current state of my kitchen has me eating dry Fruit Loops and somewhat averse to real food. Though that salad does look very, very good...