14 March 2011

The Pleasure of Completion

I just finished a major project- two major projects, actually- on which the deadline was rapidly approaching. Phew! Hitting "send" on that last one, wow, what a thrill.

I seem to do the same thing over and over: I procrastinate ("Oh, I got lots of time on this!"), then suddenly the realization hits that I'm down to about 1/3 of the total time I started with; I start working like mad, stressing, unable to sleep, waking up at night in a panic, completely immersing myself in the project and ignoring everything else, and usually make it with just a few minutes (or days, or weeks, depending on how much time I started with) to spare. And every time, I tell myself that next time, I'll do better- I'll actually make a schedule, and stick with it, and calmly saunter through the project, finishing with plenty of time to spare. But it never happens. I wonder if it's because really, deep down, I just love that thrill of completion so much- it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't preceded by the big panicky rush. Sort of like extreme sports, which, I imagine, people only do because it feels so good when the pain stops- don't they?

There is, however, one drawback to being finished with a big project: I have no more excuses for not doing other stuff. "Oh, but I'm so busy!" won't cut it any longer. Drat it. You mean I actually have to get to doing all that other work I've ignored for the last however-many weeks? Hmph.

And for your visual delight, here is a picture of Steve hanging out with his buddy Benjamin, busily gathering dust while I was doing my thing. You can't say we're not an industrious bunch around here.