about me

"amo" means "I love" in Latin. It also happens to be the initials of my name, which is why I took to using it as my internet handle around various places. Amo Vitam - I love life - is a statement of purpose. I do love life, quite a lot, even though sometimes I forget it in the midst of the heaviness which just being alive on this earth can engender. Life's a funny old thing - there's so much to laugh at, to cry about, to muse on, and to just enjoy.

In my off-screen life, I live in rural Western Canada with my husband, four children, two cats, and an ever-varying number of aquarium fish (they're guppies, so they keep reproducing and dying off. I've given up on keeping count). I've worked as a nanny, a librarian (those two were the only jobs I got paid for), a homeschooler, a student, a soap maker, a painter, a potter, and of course as the general-dog's-body-chief-cook-and-bottle-washer that being a mom & homemaker entails (with the latter being the best, worst, most exhausting and most rewarding of all the roles I've fulfilled in my life). And now I do some writing, off and on, because I figured that since I tend to drivel on a lot to my friends, especially via email, I might as well put it on a screen for the whole world to read. Makes life easier for my friends, because they don't have to feel obligated to read everything I write. And as I do want to keep my friends as friends, not obligating them to do something they might not want to do is probably a good idea.

Life, the universe, and, well, me. There you have it.