01 August 2010

Here we are

I took a blogging course yesterday. Yes, a course, in a classroom, with a teacher. Well, excuuuse me- some of us prefer learning from real people to just getting information from a book, or worse yet, a website. And a good course it was, too. I learned lots of interesting stuff. For example: never publish a post without a picture. So here goes:
That's Steve. He's better-looking than me, not to mention more photogenic, so he gets to have his picture in the blog first.

Did I mention I learned lots of useful stuff in the course? Yes. One of them was that a blog is supposed to have a focus, you know, be about something. Well, this one isn't. Or doesn't. Whichever. It's also not going to have any favicons on it, you know, those little annoying pop-up buttons that allow you to tell all your friends on Facebook how fabulous my blog is, and how it's the latest thing in useless information (sorry).

Speaking of which, there's a great book out there: "The Ultimate Book of Useless Information". It imparts to you such earth-shatteringly important bits of knowledge as the fact that it's illegal in Alaska to intoxicate a moose. Oh good, I'm so glad I know that. My holiday plans included going to Alaska and getting the first moose I meet snockered. Seeing as that would be the first moose I'd have met in my life, period, it really would be a shame to get fined for it, too.

So there you have it: life, the universe, Steve, and a snockered moose.
Do not look for any updates too terribly soon, you might get very thirsty in the meantime.

Cheerio! amo


  1. what fun your tone creates! I love the playfulness and sense of discovery. When I read this,I get a very clear feeling about who you are and I subscribed to further posts. Way to go woman.

  2. Ooh, a comment, a real comment! I feel honoured. Thanks, Cherie!

  3. Just to let you know that I have been here and read your post! That was fun!

    Sheryl :)

  4. Two comments!! It gets better and better. :)

  5. Angelika I am amazed that you can write just like you talk...I can totally hear you saying all these things...ever thought of writing a book? You are sooooo witty and funny!!


  6. Amo

    Did I get it right? Did I learn anything in school?

  7. Nick, you got it. That's precisely why I'm using the "amo" handle as my net identity. I mean, who else has initials that spell out "I love"?

    And Carole- thank you!