13 February 2012


This one is for Bonnie Heather, who was asking today if it's springtime yet. Look what's blooming beside my front door! Aren't they lovely? Yes, spring is on its way, even though just a few feet over from the snowdrops there's still a dirty patch of the white stuff that gives them their name.

I planted the bulbs for these little beauties last fall; I finally remembered to get some and actually put them in the ground. In the last few years, every spring I'd go "Gee whiz, I forgot to plant spring bulbs again!" but this year, I remembered. And then had to replant the poor things once or twice, because the cats figured that handy spot beside the front door, right against the wall of the house where it's protected from the snow, must be meant for a litter box for them. Grrrr.

I'm not a good gardener; really, I've always had a bit of a brown thumb. When it comes to remembering to actually look after the plants, it's usually something along the lines of "Oh dang, you're dead! I suppose I should have watered you before now..." (What does that say about me that I don't talk to my plants when they're alive, but only when they've gone to their lack-of-watery grave? Hmm...) But there are some things that I've managed to grow over the years, and, if I may say so, the fact that they're surviving against the odds (meaning "me", who is, admittedly, quite odd at times) makes them all the more special.

I'm especially fond of spring flowers; there is something so hopeful about them. So far, I've had crocuses, which are very lovely, but as I said, the snowdrops were a long-time wish. The crocuses are only just starting to poke up out of the ground (you can see their little shoots beside the snowdrops in the picture), so it'll be a good month before we see blossoms on them. They'll be the colourful harbingers of real spring, but the snowdrops are like a promise that winter is winding down, and spring won't be far behind.

Life, the Universe, and Snowdrops. Yes, Bonnie, it's springtime, or at least it soon will be.


  1. I love your snowdrops. I didn't realize they bloomed so early. They're wonderful. A leaf from one of my primroses has popped through the ground but that's all so far.

  2. Yes, I keep forgetting to plant snowdrops too - maybe this fall I'll remember! I can't even imagine flowers yet, so thanks for that......I think I'm 2 or 3 weeks behind you.

  3. Yes, snowdrops are very early- but also, I noticed last year that that bed right against the house is two or three weeks ahead of the one two meters over and away from the house. The crocuses in it were done blooming by the time the farther ones even started!

  4. Those are lovely. What a treat to already have something flowering! I bet you're pleased you got them planted. E and I were out for our walk yesterday afternoon and it did feel very much like springtime to us. He was on the lookout for any signs of new growth and did find lots of green of grape hyacinth but no blooms of any sort yet.

    I think it is always nice to plant bulbs up against the house like that. Here we have a little bed with a few bulbs and we could see the greens of the daffs just starting to poke through the soil. At our old house we had a whole bunch of bulbs planted up against the house and always got some early hyacinths - the smell was such a treat. Now you have me wishing I'd planted more bulbs here in the fall.

  5. I always remember that right now in the Lower Mainland the snowdrops would be coming...then the crocuses, then the daffodils...I had an early rhododendron by my front door 6 ft tall, and one just down that started blooming February/march...and then those cherry blossoms...sigh...bet Victoria has blossoms right now. And I think it SMELLS like spring!

  6. oh! Those are snowdrops! Thanks for letting me know! We're in a new house (less than six months), and all along the walk these little guys are sprouting up, and I didn't know what they were. Snow drops. Yay!

    Happy spring~ :o) <3

  7. LOL! You're more than welcome, LTM. I thought everybody knew that. Well, I guess now they do! :)
    Aren't spring flowers wonderful? And being in a new house, it's always so exciting to see what comes up in the spring!