20 March 2012


I'm beginning to see a pattern. Take a look at that picture I've posted there. Yup, that's the end of a tube of sweet Bavarian mustard which I brought from Germany; you absolutely have to have that stuff to eat Weisswurst with. We've got a great German butcher here in town (No, he doesn't butcher Germans! He is German. Sheesh.) and he makes good Weissw├╝rste. He's not Bavarian, but his Weisswurst is still quite good; definitely much better than the not-Weisswurst I'd otherwise get to eat. One Expat-Northern-German-made Weisswurst in the hand is worth two Bavarian-made ones in the bush, especially if the bush is a genuine Bavarian one, say, in Munich, and therefore a long, long ways away.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Weisswurst! No, not Weisswurst. Weisswurst mustard. More specifically, the tube it came in, which I'm really only showing you for one reason: the pattern on it. That blue-and-white diamond pattern, that spells "Bavaria". It supposedly is symbolic for the blue sky over the country with white clouds on it, although in the ten years I lived there I never did see diamond-shaped clouds. But what do I know, I was a foreigner, from not-Bavaria (after a whole decade there I was barely more than a tourist who chose to stay an extra few days). Anyway, the blue-and-white diamonds, that's the pattern that means Bavaria. Got that? Good.

Because it really hasn't got all that much to do with what I was going to talk about.

What I meant to say was that I'm beginning to see a pattern in my blog posting habits. I'm dropping off. Last year this time, in April, to be precise, I even decided to wrap up, and quit blogging for a while, because I got so slack. And here I am, approaching April, and dropping off again. It's sort of like the graphs they print on the natural gas bills, showing you how much gas you used to keep your house toasty and get your bath water nice and hot. There's always a huge spike in the winter months, and then it drops off in the summer. Now, oddly enough, it seems my blogging habits also show this drop in the spring time.

I wonder why that is. Of course, the immediate reason that springs to mind is that my blog, like my house furnace, mostly blows hot air. However, I resist that explanation (Steve doesn't think it's true; so there! I'm going to believe my bear on that).

The other and more pleasant-to-believe explanation is that with Spring Equinox, you have a couple of things coming together: the end of a long, dark winter, which takes the Oomph out of you, and the increased need to invest what little is left of said Oomph in the up-and-coming projects. The garden is starting to wake up, in spite of all the snow the weather keeps dumping on us; not only the crocuses are sending up shoots, but the spring onions and chives are rearing their spiky little heads, and poking me to remind me that I need to start thinking about seedlings. And then there's the fact that the increased daylight really shows up all those dust bunnies and cobwebs that were so easy to ignore in the romantic candlelight of the Christmas season. I'm doing my best to continue to ignore them, but the struggle is becoming harder.

No, darlings, I'm not going to quit blogging again. But judging by last year's pattern, I might just slack off for a bit. So don't hold it against me, will you? Like my seedling-growing endeavors, this blog is supposed to be fun. I don't want it to become another dust bunny in my life, staring me in the face, accusing me of neglected labour. And you don't want it to be that, either; dry dust-fluffy blog posts would probably just make you sneeze. Let's keep them fresh, green, and spring-oniony, with a lovely bite, shall we?

Life, the Universe, Weisswurst and Patterns. Until next time then!


  1. I think thats a great excuse...I may use it . By the way I agree with Steve too.

    Have fun, enjoy spring and we'll look forward to hearing from you whenever you get a spare moment.

    I always enjoy your writing.

  2. Don't worry, when you decide to grace us with your presence we shall be here waiting! Occasional posts are better than none. :o)

    And by the way, none of the blogger blogs allow me to post with my wordpress ID these days. I type in those annoying little anti-spam words correctly but it tells me I haven't, so then I have to comment with my Google ID instead. Favouritism! HAH.

  3. Thanks, ladies!
    And yeah, Nicola, blogger's been a bit weird lately, on other matters too. Sigh. But then, Wordpress never lets me use my blogger ID to post on your blog, so I guess it's just reciprocal favouritism.

  4. I've been having trouble trying to leave comments on wordpress blogs. Strange.

    Anyway, I agree - fewer posts is better than no-posts, much like all that Bavarian stuff you were talking about (sorry, I have no internal schema for things German-only Belgian. LOL)

  5. I think that's the beauty of blogging. It's your web log of what's happening in your life. And if it's spring, and you need to be away, well... I almost took April off, too! I still might. Have a wonderful spring~ :o) <3